Easy And Pleasant Way To Heal Digestive Discomfort

A daily dose of red cabbage juice, approximately a quart a day, has been shown to heal bleeding ulcers in about two weeks.  I didn’t have bleeding ulcers but I did have severe indigestion, which happens a lot when I eat things I shouldn’t.  So a several nights ago I went to bed feeling like my breakfast, lunch and dinner were stuck somewhere in the middle going down, accompanied by awful nausea and eventually vomiting.  Throwing up always helps subside both nausea and migraine some so I welcomed that and then I was able to sleep.

In the morning I made my way to the kitchen to make my usual go to healing concoction – red cabbage and green apple juice.  Plain cabbage juice is a little hard to drink, so I add granny smith apples to help make it more palatable, which is just as well because green apples are another form of stomach aid.  Also a small nub of ginger and an even smaller nub of turmeric to give further digestive boost.  I drank this throughout the whole of day one and by mid afternoon the migraine dispersed and that incessant throbbing behind my eye faded away.  On day two, I was able to eat a little something while sipping my juice.  And the key is sipping, not glugging.  Digestion starts with the work of our salivary enzymes interacting with the food in the mouth and sending information downstream of what’s coming, which is why chewing our food thoroughly makes for better digestion.  By day three, I was eating normally and drinking my juice as digestive tonic.  It’s day five now and I’m still drinking my juice, maybe not a full quart a day but a couple of good glassfuls.  I’ll continue my cabbage juice for the next ten days and treat it like a mild gut cleanse.  Whatever is good for gut is good for anything, although most observerable in clarity of thought and skin (and mood, and joints, and sleep, and energy, and…).  And talking of skin, it may be a worthwhile strategy to redirect a chunk of that good money spent on expensive skin care to gut care so the work can be done from inside out, because the benefits of good gut health most clearly shows up on the outside.

Juice recipe:

1/3 of large organic cabbage head chopped

1 large (or 2 small) organic granny smith apples chopped and cored

about an inch sized lump organic ginger

optional – about half inch sized lump turmeric

Place everything into blender and fill up to a third way with filtered water.  Blend till fine mush.  Prepare large bowl with fine mesh sieve to strain blended juice.  After juice has drained, move strained pulp onto cheese cloth and squeeze remaining juice out.  Depending on size of cabbage and apples, it makes about a quart and a half.  The squeezed pulp can be placed in freezer for later use as fillers in curries, chilies and stews.  At times there’s too much pulp so I compost it into the soil.  Probably because of that, our teeny garden patch has given us a surprising harvest of bitter melons, cherry tomatoes, giant sweet potatoes, papayas, basil and rosemary bushes.